Choreographic programme

1. "MUNTE" - dance that comes from the mountain area of Banat, which through its movements at a rapid pace, through the girls continuous turns under the boys' arms, through the boys' movements full of vigor restores the alight temperament of this zone.
Munte 1
Munte 2 Munte 3  

2. "MOLDOVA" - a dance from the Northeast of the country. From the beginning till its end the dance is colored with all kinds of witty couplets: satirical, lyrical and of course urges to dance.
Moldova 1
Moldova 2 Moldova 3  

3. "SES" - a dance specific for the plain of Banat being characterized by a larger representation in space and accompanied by smoother movements.
Ses 1
Ses 2 Ses 3  

4. "BRIURI" - a men dance representing the mountain area of Banat. The shepherds dances were preserved till nowadays, the most representatives ones being very well put on stage by our ensemble.
Briuri 1
Briuri 2 Briuri 3  

5. "ARDELENE"- dance from the Valley of Almaj, region located in the South of Banat. The characteristic of this dance is the rapid movements performed in couple.
Ardelene 1
Ardelene 2    

6. "NASAUD" - a dance that comes from the North of Transilvania. This dance is a continuous dialogue between the calm and graceful performance of the girls and the unleashed elan of the boys.
Nasaud 2
Nasaud 3 Nasaud 4  

7. "IEDERA" - dance from the center of Banat, remarkable through the pirouettes performed by the young girls at a rapid pace and characterized by choreographic moments realized by two girls and a boy.
Iedera 2    

8. "CALUS" - is one of the weel-known Romanian dances. Original from Muntenia, another region of our country, this dance is performed only by men and has a spectacular unfolding with strokes at heels, forceful stampings on the ground, jumpings in the air and witty couplets.
Calus 1
Calus 2    

9. "VALEA TIMISULUI" - dance representing the mountain area of Banat. The dynamism of this dance reproduces on stage the temperament of the inhabitants from the sub-Carpathian hills.
Valea Timisului 1
Valea Timisului 2 Valea Timisului 3  

10. "OAS" - dance from the North of the country, a folkloric region where the archaic rhythms, preserved untouched till nowadays evokes the courage and pride of the inhabitants.
Oas 1
Oas 2 Oas 3  

11. "CRIHALMA"- a dance of girls from the region of Fagaras. The main characteristic of this dance is the scenic elegance of the young girls and by the coloring of the hollards, which are sung.
Crihalma 1
Crihalma 2    

12. "FECIORESC" - a men dance from the plateau of Transilvania. The dance is represented by dynamic movements, rich in rhythms, syncope's and contra tempos, whose execution requires a peculiar musical sensibility.
Fecioresc 1
Fecioresc 2 Fecioresc 3  

13. "OLTENIA" -dance original from the Danube. Fields with special spectacular values. The rapid rhythm, the movements performed at a high speed, the syncopated steps, the commands witty couplet, the permanent vibration of the whole group creates a dynamic spectacle.
Oltenia 1
Oltenia 2 Oltenia 3  

14. "SOROCURI" - a men dance, specific for the plain of Banat, characterized by rapping's on the boots, jumping, witty couplets and surprising movements on the stage.
Sorocuri 1
Sorocuri 2    

15. "BIHOR" - dance that comes from the west fields of the country and from the valleys digged by the rivers Cris. The people are exuberant and the tumult of the steps stamped in a syncopated rhythm is accompanied by the satirical witty couplets, very appreciated by the community of the village.
Bihor 1
Bihor 2 Bihor 3  

16. "VALEA BISTREI"- dance from the mountain area of Banat, characterized by a certain elegance and by varied cadences, whose complicated rhythm requires a great skill from the dancers.
Valea Bistrei 1
Valea Bistrei 2